About the Project

The spiritual world of old threatens to devour the modern age as the next generation comes into their own.​

foreWARD is a story about a young group of professionals aspiring toward a lofty career in the midst of supernatural conflict. Our protagonists struggle with finding their place in the world while being too old to remain children but too young to be seen as adults. Lost and unsure of who they are, they must learn more about themselves and the world around them before they can continue forward.

About Us


Cody Savoie is the lead writer and creator of foreWARD. Years ago in high school, he created a character for a collaborative action comic, which led to plans for a webcomic called Escape from Ninja High School. Eventually, the webcomic was abandoned, but when the opportunity to revisit it arose, Cody took the chance to reboot the story with a fresh coat of paint to create foreWARD to divorce it from its Naruto days.


Character Creator by @tyrmiel



Morgan Lea is the co-writer and voice director of foreWARD. Back when she was first getting to know Cody, Escape from Ninja High School was the first of his writing projects he ever shared with her, so when Cody began to revisit ENHS, she served as the first major springboard for ideas and feverishly took notes for his brainstorming. As a writer, director, and actor, she was quickly entrusted with drafting and organizing the project and hasn't stopped since.

Character Creator by @tyrmiel