• Morgan Lea

Visual Proof of Concept

Well, we exceeded 500 demo submissions this week, and we've still got a few days to go! I figured that I'd show off a little something that Cody and I have been toying with for the future.

While this wasn't a bad idea and definitely looked cool and promising, we couldn't find the best way to work around the comic tones we liked causing some really gross screen-tearing. The more Cody worked with this concept, the more it became obvious that it was far too much effort than it was worth when we had no budget.

When Cody conceptualized his fan Jojo audiobook, we even considered converting everything to prose to include narration to cover the lack of visuals and instead use select illustrations to highlight moments for emphasis. This proved to be too much of an overhaul, however, primarily due to how the pacing of the original storytelling relies so heavily on dialogue back-and-forth. And a hybrid version of this and visual novel elements was out of the question for how action-heavy the series can get at times.

At some point, we took a far enough step back that we looked to one of our earliest inspirations: Okami. Specifically, its opening movie and the in-game demon guide. This ink painting style on a silk scroll (called emakimono) seemed like an approachable direction to take. So Cody tried it out, and I smacked together a really, really rough mock-up.

So, with that as the preamble, I give you... "Mitsuki is Having a Good Day but Then Arashi Ruins it by Existing."

It will be a while before we can actually do anything with this sort of visual take on the story. As mentioned previously, what's holding us back is budget. I have been considering crowdfunding to overcome this challenge, but before I can launch such a campaign, I'd need to know what the chances are of even being able to meet even the most minimum of goals. If you would at all be interested in seeing foreWARD take steps into a visual medium, then please take some time to consider liking and sharing our content as we continue to update on the process!

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