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What's the foreWARD Plan?

First off, whoa. The response so far to the casting call has been overwhelming. I'm writing this on the first day of the call for submissions, and we're already over 250. I have my work cut out for me, for sure, but I'm grateful for all of the interest so far.

Since the casting call has been so successful, I decided I might as well write up a little production blog to provide some idea of what's to come.

foreWARD has 4 story arcs that are broken down into 8 volumes, with each volume containing roughly 6-8 chapters. So far, the first 2 volumes are written, and I've drafted the outlines for Volumes 3-5. The writing will be an ongoing process, but there's enough work to be done in production for the moment that it will be a while before we get to the remaining story arcs.

Our budget is pretty tight, however. I mentioned this in an earlier blog, but for now, we're just focusing on the audio production. Cody and I have been discussing plans for introducing visual elements, but until we can secure a budget for that side of production, I'm concentrating on audio only. The hope is, of course, that I'll be able to put enough of the story out there that interest will lead to better funding so that we can elevate this project to a final, visual form.

In the meantime, though, I'll be providing some occasional updates on the status of things as I go. The casting form will be up for three and a half weeks. Definitely a little excessive based on the success of this first call, but it gives me some time to organize and prepare for things. I've got a lot of demos to go through and will need the head-start. Anyone who has cast projects before knows that the first and final days are the most active with the rest essentially being dead, but it's good on my anxiety to have that dead zone to work in, to be honest.

The auditions are, of course, going to be closed, and that will be a much shorter, more controlled period of time. I don't anticipate being able to get started on anything beyond the first Volume this year, but I'll audition from the same pool of submissions for Volume 2 when the time comes.

Recording is set to take place starting in August and possibly part of September depending on schedules. My hope is that I'll be able to finish production on Volume 1 by the end of the year so that we can start a slightly staggered release schedule in the new year, but a LOT of that will depend on whether or not we can obtain a composer with our budget or if we'll need to find royalty free work-arounds for backing tracks. I anticipate this being the biggest obstacle, and that's why I'm trying to plan so much out in advance.

And for now, that's the plan. I'd like to have some mock-ups and proof of concepts to show for our visual direction idea in the future. Until then!

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