The city of Chuushu, a modern metropolis of technology and architecture, is the only safe haven humanity has against the vast, uninhabitable wilderness surrounding it. For one thousand years, it has stood strong since its founding, building and evolving beyond its traditional roots through cutting edge innovations, but the more their society advances, the more dangerous the threats to their way of life become. They call these horrifying monsters Ayakashi, ancient spirits and demons that dwell in the Overgrowth beyond Chuushu’s borders.

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Koukai Tower, Chuushu

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Mitsuki Onamuji is an avoidant, nonchalant, and irresponsible 20-year-old who doesn’t think too much about anything, especially not his future career. This sets him apart from former classmate and fellow co-worker Arashi Murakumo, who has his eyes set on nothing in the world but his goal. They and their colleagues are on the path to becoming Wardens, spiritually gifted defenders of the city from the threats of the ever-encroaching Overgrowth.


The Koukai Agency where they work employs individuals with special talents called Reflections to fight the monstrous terrors that attack the city. Reflections are the spiritual manifestation of a person’s character, a physical reflection of their very soul, and these abilities empower Wardens in their battle against the Ayakashi.

Concept for Mitsuki & Arashi in Koukai uniforms

As humanity has moved away from their spiritual past, their need to manifest these unique skills has become more unnecessary, making those with the capability of becoming Wardens few and far between. In fact, Reflections cannot be awakened without two critical requirements. The first is the individual’s own spiritual awareness. Due to the success of the city and the Warden’s protections, many citizens are too far removed from the incorporeal world to access that part of themselves.


The second requirement, however, is considerably harder to meet, and that is one’s ability to recognize their own character. To achieve this, the individual must commit to the act of self-reflection, and for someone as avoidant as Mitsuki, that is the toughest challenge of all. As he and the other apprentices at Koukai struggle against the harsh modern society and dangerous spiritual world, they will quickly learn that their most formidable opponents are the very reflections of themselves standing in their way.

Mitsuki Birthday 2019

2019 Birthday Illustration of Mitsuki